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First Teaser for Swear

October 18th, 2016 by
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In case you missed it, the My Blood Approves series is coming to an end with Swear. The final book will be out November 9, 2016, and it is available for preorder now. (more…)

The Hollows Covers and Sale!!

October 13th, 2016 by
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So in all the excitement about the big Swear announcement (the final book in the My Blood Approves series is coming November 9th and is available for preorder now, go: here for more info and links to order), I didn’t want to miss out on telling you something else exciting.

A few months ago, I had the covers of the Hollows redone by Mae I Design. They are beautiful and wonderful and exactly what I was hoping for, and they even look fantastic in paperback! (They are both available in paperback now too!) And even better news, both books in the Hollows are currently on sale in the spirit of Halloween! (more…)

Swear is Coming!

October 11th, 2016 by
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Swear is available for preorder now! It will be out November 9, 2016!!!!

“In the final book of the My Blood Approves series…

Alice has moved on and is settling into a new country with a new career as a vampire hunter. Finally, she’s created a stable, happy life for herself and her family, including her boyfriend Jack. Or at least as stable as her life can be, especially with a dangerous vampire cult resurfacing.

But everything she’s worked for is put in jeopardy when she receives a disturbing message – one that sends her on a quest that delves into a tragic mystery that has haunted Peter for years.”

Preorder Swear from Amazon
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Order Swear in paperback from Createspace

Read the first three chapters of Swear: here!

Now for a few questions: (more…)

The Best Advice I Have

September 14th, 2016 by
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People often ask me for writing advice, and I’ve said a number of things in the past (mostly about how you should read more than you write and you should ask better writers than me for advice).

But here’s actually the best piece of advice I have for aspiring novelists: Just get to the end. Keep putting words in front of each other, hammering out sentences the best you can, until you reach the end. There’s no real way to tell if it’s any good as you’re writing, particularly since every one of my books has been vastly improved and are sometimes dramatically different after the editing phase. (more…)

Death and the Living

August 29th, 2016 by
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Gene Wilder is dead, but I am not.

I think about death on a daily basis, but not in a suicidal, macabre sort of way. I’ve just always been acutely aware of it’s existence, of this inevitable thing that will never stop coming for me, no matter what I do, and I have no idea what will happen when I die. I can’t fathom what it feels like to not exist inside this body, and so I can’t imagine what death will be like. (more…)